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You have taken your share of acting and dance classes, as well as singing lessons. You know your Method from your Meisner, your Two Step from your Tango. How does a talented up-and-coming performing artist like you take their career to the next level?

You need a flattering and current headshot, an expertly edited acting reel and and a professionally crafted website. Actorwerks actor reels and websites, and our headshot retouching are designed to make casting directors and agents take you seriously as an actor.

At Actorwerks, our focus is on your success. In fact, we will let you in on a secret: our success depends upon it. We can promise you the highest quality acting reels, websites for actors and digital headshot retouching that you will find anywhere.

A serious actor needs a professional level reel and website to represent them. In an extremely competitive industry, it makes sense to take every advantage.

Casting directors, agents and managers will universally tell you that actors, dancers, television hosts and other performing artists must have a professional level acting reel, website and headshot.

Actorwerks is a division of Strangewerks Films.

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